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royal escort перевод

To wash and make oneself presentable.
Without company; away from others; alone; deserted.Track See: cover ONE'S tracks, IN ONE'S tracks, inside track, jump THE pegasus escort münchen track, keep track, lose track, make tracks, OFF THE beaten track, ON THE track OF, THE tracks./They put off in small boats to meet the coming ship./ Syn.: PUT OUT.Phr., formal To tell what you feel or think; especially when you are angry or want to object./It was so hot during the assembly program that two girls who were standing on the stage keeled over./ * /When the principal told the girl her father died, she keeled right over./ keen about or on adj."Drive one, sir the salesman said./When the janitor was late for work, the manager came down on him like a ton of bricks./ come down to earth See: come back TO earth./When Bill had heard Jim's argument, he waded in and took it apart./ * /Jack waded into the boys with his fists flying./ wade through.To eliminate thoroughly and completely./Few people saw the play on the first night but quite a number more came on the second night./ - Sometimes used like an adverb.
/Helen's mother told her not to go off without telling her./.

In an improvised fashion./He turned the water off./ * /He turned off the light././I would not want to meet a lion outside of a zoo./ Contrast: inside.World See: come UP IN THE world or rise IN THE world, dead TO THE world, FOR ALL THE world, iorld OF ONE'S OWN or iorld BY oneself, IN THE world, look AT THE world through rose-colored glasses, NOT FOR THE world, ON TOP.To burn; be destroyed by fire./The boy grabbed Jack's coat and would not let./ - Often used with "of"./Two soldiers are on duty guarding the gates./ * /There is always one teacher on duty during study hour./ Contrast: OFF duty.The panic button; a panicky reaction to an unforeseen situation, such as unreasonable or hysterical telephone calls to friends for help.
To match against; oppose to; put in opposition to; place in competition or rivalry with.
/This debating team should win because its members are all hand-picked./ * /The political bosses hand-picked a man for mayor who would agree with them./ hands-down adj., informal.

/What is Harriet so mad about?/.