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Also know that the people who you are financing are somewhere between prostitutes and politicians in terms of moral rectitude.
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I later even took a course on history of films in my university as an elective.Hollywood is full of sanctimonious entertainers.The timid and clumsy wall-E grovels and follows EVE around, trying to get her attention in spite of how dismissive she isshe is too busy with her job to even acknowledge him.Read More: Its A Hundred Times Easier To Come Out As Gay Or Transsexual Than As A Conservative In Hollywood Loading.I can go on and on with examples from other films that feature weak male characters supporting strong and independent female characters.Us commoners are simply expected to feign ignorance and come back for the sequels.
Whatever few decent films they throw at us once in a while is not enough to make me want to support their machine; I simply have far better uses for my time.
Not content with getting high on money, fame, and drugs, our 21st century jesters feel the need to boost their egos with the moral superiority high.

To finance the lavish lifestyles of all the Hollywood degenerates, of course.Joe Corpier, a convicted murderer, was"d, If theres a good movie, its usually pretty quiet through the whole institution.Sometimes I feel as though Hollywood is openly mocking us with movies like The Matrix and Inception to show just how deeply were plugged in and dreaming, both unwilling and unable to wake up from their grasps, and not being able to tell whats real.A snippet from this article reveals: In 1992, Newsweek reported, Faced with severe overcrowding and limited budgets for rehabilitation and counseling, more and more prison officials are using TV to keep inmates quiet.Youre wasting your money and time on trash.DiCaprio likes to lecture us plebeians to mind our carbon footprint while flying around in his private jet.You have to pause and wonder just what kind of future Hollywood is paving for the upcoming generation.Why stand up for yourself and fight against injustice when you can watch some superheros do it on screen?Along with politicians and multi-billionaires, they have become the new royalty in todays society where the wealth gap is at its greatest ever.Why think for yourself when you can just watch some movies to pacify your mind and vent out your clever analysis on imdb?Those escort modelle frankfurt who claim that movies are just movies and that entertainments dont influence our minds dont understand how mental conditioning works.Take, for example, the romantic film beloved by women: The Notebook.And while they say nothing about the bankrupt morality of their fellow actors, they barely hide their contempt for white men, traditional values, and.With girl-power trash like the new.Foreign films do exactly what motion pictures are supposed to do by offering new perspectives and insights, by stirring up your creative force, and by reaching deep into your soul.Mad Max and the new, star Wars films, Hollywood works hard in their social engineering program to erase men as masculine leaders while replacing them with macho female characters who could do it all without a man.
If you insist on watching films, go for the oldies or watch quality foreign films.
Evil that usually features characters from comic books graphic novel masterpieces.